Mere Humdum Mere Dost

Mere Humdum Mere Dost
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Duration: 40:00
Synopsis: Aimen, a 20 year old girl was raised by her mother Zainab in absence of her father Taufeeq,who left Zainab due to her average personality. Aimen always hated her father but could never say it loud due to her introvert personality. During her last days, Zainab wrote letter to Taufeeq and requested him to take back Aimen. Taufeeq received that letter when he was about to leave for US with his wife Almas and son Sair for his admission. He requested his business partner Haider to pick Aimen and keep her at his home until he is back. Gloomy Aimen moved in to Haiderís place, he helped her coping up with her pains. During the process Divorce Haider fell for Aimen but never revealed his feelings due to his age difference and marital status. After Taufeeq came back, she shifted to his fatherís house but got deeply hurt by his cold behavior. Taufeeq didnít like Aimen as she was mere reflection of her mother Zainab. But in no time she took admission in the MBA and groomed herself with the help of Haider. Aimen also developed feelings for Haider as she relied on him for everything. Everything was smooth until Haiderís ex-wife Sajeela (Almasís real sister) returned Pakistan in hope to remarry Haider. She created tension between Aimen and Haider by convincing everyone that Haider is taking advantage of Aimenís innocence. To prove her wrong he suddenly got married to his old friend Fatima. Dejected Aimen could not bear the pain and decided to go back her town. Later on Haider also realized his undeniable love for Aimen and confessed his feelings to her. Then they lived happily ever after.
Creators: Written by: Farhat Ishtiaq
Stars: Sanam Jhung

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