Alif Noon - ??? ???

Alif Noon - ??? ???
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Duration: 30:00
Synopsis: Allan was shown as a clever business minded person who used to come up with some nasty and immoral tricks to earn fast money and used to use Nannha as his stooge. He was not himself inclined to work and would rather used to be the sleeping partner in every saga or telling the tricks to poor Nannha (his Front man). The character of Nannha became an instant hit. He was shown as an innocent, funny and somewhat dumb looking person from a rural area who loved his country and would dream of living an honest livelihood. He didn't know the norms of the new society and was therefore used by Allan as the front man for his tricks. In the end, he would unintentionally toss out the whole plot of Allan by speaking the truth to the public.This PTV series was first aired in 1971-72, and second time in early 1980's.
Creators: Written by: Kamal Ahmed Rizvi
Stars: Rafi Khawar known as Nannha Kamal Ahmed Rizvi known an Allan

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