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Duration: 1:00:00
Synopsis: The story revolves around a young ambitious girl Sana Murad (Shahnaz Sheikh). Due to her father's early death, her family is not so well off and she dreams day and night to be rich and prosperous like her friend Sara (Misbah Khalid). Her younger brother Jibran has a hole in his heart and they need money for his operation as well. Hence she applies for a job at an office. Due to major blunders and her irresponsible manner, she fails the interview, but on the way back meets the chairman Mr Siddiqui (Qazi Wajid) who offers her the job anyway. She begins working for the MD of the company Taimur (ShakeelȚ). Sana is clumsy, irresponsible and does not even know how to type and that causes Taimur great problems and some hilarious situations for the viewers. At her friend Sara's wedding her groom Sajjad(Arshad Mehmood)'s best friend Faraz (Javed Sheikh) falls for Sana and starts following her everywhere. He even goes to her office and ends up getting a job there, only to be closer to Sana.
Creators: Written by: Hasina Moin
Stars: Shehnaz Sheikh Shakeel Javed Sheikh Jamshed Ansari Saleem Nasir Qazi Wajid Behroze Sabzwari Badar Khalil

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