Bashar Momin

Bashar Momin
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Duration: 40:00
Synopsis: Bashar Momin (referred as BM) (Urdu: ??? ????) Rudaba is an innocent and simple girl who is engaged to her fatherís friends' son Buland Bukhtiar. Buland lives in America and works for the World Bank. One day, Rudaba and Bulandís father are at the Sea View and die from a robbery shooting. Rudaba, who is now alone in her home, is forced to live with her elder brother Adil and his wife Sahira. Adil works as a front man for his brother-in-law Bashar, who is a money launderer. Basher can do anything for his sisters, especially Tayyaba whose two engagements failed.[14][15] During all of this, Buland comes back and falls in love with Rudaba.[16] Now, at one side love is flourishing between Rudaba and Buland and on the other side Bashar is scheming to marry his sister Tayyaba to Buland.
Creators: Executive producer(s) Asif Raza Mir Babar Javed Producer(s) Faisal Qureshi Editor(s) Faizan Ghori Waqas Karim Location(s) Karachi Cinematography Farhan Golden Adnan Bukhari Camera setup Multi-camera setup Running time 37 - 38 minutes Production company(s) A&B Entertainment
Stars: Faisal Qureshi as Bashar:[18] Bashar Momin is a rich money launder and Male protagonist, Faisal Qureshi plays the role of Bashar, who is involved in corruption and uses wrong means to earn money. He loves his two sisters and can do anything for them. The role of Bashar is kind of a tough-looking but soft-hearted gangster. Ushna Shah[19] as Rudaba: Female protagonist and future wife of Bashar, Ushna Shah plays the role of Rudaba, who is the sister-in-law of Bashar's sister, Sahira. Rudaba is initially engaged to her father's friend's son but circumstances turn upon her when her father dies in a robbery. Sami Khan as Buland Bakhtyar: Second Male protagonist and husband of Bashar's younger sister, Tayyaba. Sami khan plays the role of Buland Bakhtiyar, who lives in America and was engaged to Rudaba but later forcibly married to Bashar's sister. Maheen Rizvi as Sahira: Sahira is the elder sister of Bashar and is the wife of Adil, brother of Rudaba. Maheen Rizvi plays the role of Sahira, who is very loudmouthed and cunning. Being in the shadow of Bashar she boasts of her wealth and tries to create differences between her husband and his sister. Sundus Tariq as Tayyaba: Tayyaba is the younger sister of Bashar, portrayed by Sundas Tariq, Tayyaba is very rude and very proud. Her two engagements have been broken due to her brother's black-affairs and business. Bashar fulfilles each demand of Tayyaba, he forces Buland to marry Tayyaba on request of his sister, otherwise Rudaba has to face the consequences of his negative response. Yasir Mazher as Adil: Yasir is the elder brother of Rudaba and husband of Bashar's elder sister, Sahira. The role of Adil is played by Yasir Mazher who rose to stardom after his serial Aun Zara. Adil is a henpecked husband and favors Bashar in every matter. Mariyam Khalif as Pareezah: She is the only child of Adil and Sahira, played by Maryum, a talented child artist of Pakistan. Anwar Iqbal as Bakhtiyar: Father of Buland Bakhtiyar and ex father-in-law of Rudaba, who dies in a robbery. Played by legendary actor, Anwar Iqbal. Shehryar Zaidi: Father of Rudaba and ex father-in-law of Buland, who dies in a robbery along with Buland's father. Played by legendary actor, Shehryar Zaidi.

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