Mujhay Khuda Pay Yakeen Hai

Mujhay Khuda Pay Yakeen Hai
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Duration: 40:00
Synopsis: The story of “Mujhe Khuda Par Yakeen hai” revolves around Arham, Areeba , Narmeen and Shahiq. The selfish, greedy and cunning Narmeen gets engaged to Arham, conning him into believing she is in love with him until she comes across Shahiq, Arham’s brother who is an engineer. Instantly she begins to regret her move and makes a false accusation against Arham so that her engagement can be broken off, after which she successfully marries Shahiq. Just when Arham, who has become a culprit in his family’s eyes begins to get fed-up with his circumstances his sister’s friend, Areeba, tries to become a part of his life, igniting Narmeen’s jealousy. Will Areeba succeed in gaining Arham’s confidence? Will Narmeen try to harass Arham again?
Creators: Director: Barkat Ali Sidiki Writer: Seema Munaf and Atiya Dawood Producer: Promax Media
Stars: Ahsan Khan, Mekaal Zulfiqar, Ayesha Khan, Momal Shiekh, Shakeel, Sajida Syed etc

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