Jab We Wed

Jab We Wed
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Duration: 40:00
Synopsis: Ramis, our male protagonist comes back to Pakistan with his dying mother and her last wish is that he has to marry one out of three girls who are all his first cousins. Nisha is our female lead and is best friends with Ramis (also his cousin from his fatherís side) and agrees to join him on this journey to meet these three young women and be the confidant she is. The first cousin, Rumi, is a fashion model and lives the high life in Karachi. Ramis meets her, they get along fairly well only to end in a break up when he learns that she in is contract with a brand that forbids her from getting married for 3 years. The Second cousin lives in rural Punjaab with her big family in her fatherís Haveli. She agrees to play the part of the bride and goes ahead with the wedding ceremonies and celebrations but her master plan is to run away with her love interest on the wedding night who is someone else. And she does exactly that. The third cousin is a fat lady belong to lower middle class hence adding the masses appeal to the play. Throughout the story, Ramis and Nisha share a love hate relationship. Somewhere in between the fighting and the patch ups, they develop feelings for each other but fail to express them due to the nature of their relationship. Ramisís dead mother is an interesting character who keeps coming back and talks to Ramis about whatever is going on.Then there is Zero, a boy who likes Nisha and seeing no future with Ramis, she decides to get married to him. Our last climax is when Ramis interrupts Nisha and Zeroís reception and expresses her true love to her.
Creators: Directed by Wajahat Rauf and Mohsin Ali Written by Mohsin Ali
Stars: ushra Ansari , Danish Taimoor , Ayeza Khan , Hira Salman , Tippu Nimra Khan seemi pasha , hashim butt , humaira ali , furqan qureshi , rameez siddqui , aqdas ghaffar

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